Third Party Reviews

Robert Walker | January 05, 2019 |

"Too many bad haircuts. Some of the stylists do a good job but it seems like there is a lot of turnover and they hire people with little or no experience."

Nathan Eliason | December 24, 2018 |

"Great place and staff. But over priced"

Dave Rafus | December 07, 2018 |

"When I go here I have learned to use the online appointment setting. Now I know when Jazzy is working, she has cut my hair perfectly every time that she has cut it. As long as Jazz is there to cut hair. I will be there. Jazzy is the best."

Thomas Clark | December 09, 2018 |

"Very friendly and helpful and knowledgeable staff willing to go that extra distance to help customer"

Willard Rader | November 21, 2018 |

"Love getting my haircut here, friendly staff"

unguidedone | October 28, 2018 |

"Very rude and aggressive on the phone expect to get hung up on... poor customer service / unprofessional phone etiquette google+ has a lowest score of 1/5 star and even that is too much... When the employee hung up I was left with the overwhelming question: if you get this treatment just by asking a question over the phone what is the quality of service in person? I did not even want to find out. Also with the staggering negative reviews that I saw on your page I kept asking myself: "How are you still open..." as I put down the phone I then found another business for a haircut."

Greg Wetzel | October 16, 2018 |

"My girl Natalie always takes the best care of me. Book her if you can."

Dennis Wills KCMO | October 12, 2018 |

"About $5 more than Supercuts."

Daniel Elias | August 05, 2018 |

"I can honestly say this was the best haircut experience i've ever had I'm new to the neighborhood and everyone is super friendly. There was a person in every chair,literally no wait and the seats were full.This is my haircut place on cortaro"

Sharon James | June 21, 2018 |

"Great service and my son loved his haircut, they did excellent job."